Retrieve AOL Mail & Recover Deleted Emails

If you accidentally delete an email, it is kept in the “Trash” folder for 7 days and can be easily recovered from there. If the email has been deleted for more than 7 days, there are still methods to recover it, but they vary. Let’s go over how to recover permanently deleted emails from AOL on iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices.

Recover Deleted AOL Email.

Part 1: Introduction to Deleted AOL Email Recovery

Many people enjoy using AOL for email. However, whether you use AOL or another email service, one risk remains constant: deleted emails. Unfortunately, accidentally deleting the wrong email is not a difficult or uncommon occurrence.

This could cause panic, especially if the email contained sensitive information or data. In some cases, you may be able to recover your deleted AOL email by searching in the “deleted files” section, but in others, it may have reached the “permanently deleted” stage.

The good news is that even if something is “permanently deleted” from your email, it is not truly gone. You can recover deleted AOL emails with the help of the right recovery software. Here are a few approaches you can take:

Part 2: Recovering Deleted AOL Emails in 7 Days

When you first delete an AOL email, it usually does not proceed to the “permanently deleted” stage. In fact, unless you choose to delete the file permanently, it should remain in your recently deleted (or “Trash”) folder for 7 days.

So, if you deleted your email within the last 7 days, this is fantastic news! At this point, recovery is extremely simple and can be done directly from your AOL mailbox. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Go to and sign in with your AOL account name and password.

Step 2: Once inside your email, navigate to the left-hand panel and select the “Trash” icon. Any emails you’ve deleted in the last 7 days will be listed here.

Step 3: Tick the box next to the email that you want to recover.

Step 4: Look for an “Action” button above the email. Select “Inbox” from the “Move to:” menu.

Step 5: Locate your email in your inbox.

Part 3: Restoring Permanently Deleted AOL Emails (Older Than 7 Days)

If you have deleted an important email for more than 7 days or if you discover that you have permanently deleted an email that you require right away, you may need to use another method of recovery. This brings us to our next topic: how to recover permanently deleted AOL emails.

3.1 Obtain deleted emails from the AOL server

If you use AOL’s web-based service, your email will be saved on its server. If you have accidentally deleted an important email, the simplest way to recover the data is to contact the support center. This is the only way to recover deleted emails. However, this service may be restricted to paid members only. You must first upgrade your account if you are using the free version of AOL Mail.

3.2 Use Mail Recovery Software to Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails

Some users prefer to add their AOL account to Outlook, in which case you will be unable to recover deleted emails from the AOL server. The only way to recover them is to use a mail recovery program. Any Recover is a program that will assist you in recovering your lost AOL emails.

Tips for Recovering Deleted AOL Emails

The key to recovering emails from your AOL account is not to panic. Panicking will only make you more stressed, which will not help anyone. Again, we’re here to reassure you that with the right software, your emails can be recovered. Meanwhile, here are some more tips for recovering deleted emails:

First and foremost, always check your “Trash” folder. It’s possible that you won’t even need to use a specialized retrieval program. If you recently deleted an email, there’s a good chance it’s still in your trash folder (refer to Part 2 of this guide).


You should have no doubts regarding how to restore old AOL emails after apply upper steps. To retrieve the lost messages, use the methods indicated above. If you require additional assistance, you can contact an AOL customer care representative. The customer service representatives will assist you to troubleshooting all major and minor issues with this web-based email service.

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